What Youth / Kid Sports Are Played In The Spring?

Spring sports are a great way for getting kids active after a long, cold winter (unless you live in Arizona or other warmer states. For a lot of kids, including my 9-year-old son, sports are a great outlet for stress and anxiety and adds a level of competitiveness that they might not get through other activities. 

Participating in sports also teaches kids about teamwork, self-improvement, hard work, determination and other important lessons that they aren’t going to get by sitting on the couch and playing their Nintendo Switch. So what sports are available for youth to get involved in during the springtime? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this post. Let’s dive in to our spring sports list!

Baseball & Softball

Baseball and Softball are two of the most popular spring youth sports activities. As of 2012, it’s estimated that around 3 million American kids between the ages of 5-18 participate in a Little League and when you take into account that was 8 years ago and you add in competitive leagues, it’s likely many hundreds of thousands more. 

The reason baseball and softball are the most popular spring sports is that they strongly focus on team bonding as well as helping kids practice hand-eye coordination, agility, balance, and many other skills.


Spring soccer is another great sport for both boys and girls who love to run and get some exercise. Although not the most popular youth sport in the United States, it’s definitely growing in popularity among kids because of the rapid expansion of professional soccer teams and the great success of the US soccer team in the World Cup.

Field & Track

Track & Field is another spring sport that is gaining popularity each year. Field & Track is a great activity for kids who might be a little more introverted and don’t do well in a team setting. It’s also a great sport because it offers a variety of different events within one. The most advanced track and field programs include up to 44 different events, some of which include sprint running, long-distance running, high jump, pole vault, shot put and others. There are a lot of different options to find a great fit for almost any child at any skill level.


Lacrosse is a youth sport that not every region throughout the country has a program for. Like soccer, it’s another sport that has slowly been gaining popularity over time. Lacrosse is a great sport for highly competitive kids looking for lots of action and because it’s based on agility instead of size, many youth tend to enjoy this type of program. 


Traditionally a high school sport, Golf is starting to become a sport adopted by kids all the way down to 4-5 years old. Golf is a pretty easy going sport for kids, however, it does take a significant amount of practice in order to develop the skills necessary to excel. Just about any golf course across the country offers different youth programs, camps, and coaching and can be a great springtime activity for those willing to put in the time.


Lastly, tennis is another great sport for kids who don’t do well in a team environment and are looking for a way to develop individual skills and successes. Getting started with tennis typically has a low barrier to entry when it comes to equipment needed and places to practice. The most expensive part will be finding a good coach/training and then entering into competitions (if you choose to go that route). Like golf, in order to get better, you’ll need to put in the hours, but is a great springtime sport for those able to do so.

If you or your child isn’t sure what spring sport is right for them, take the time to sit down and talk with them about the different sports on this list. Keep in mind that you can and should encourage them to try different sports to see what they like and what they excel at. If they don’t like one, they can easily move to the next until they find the right fit. We had to do this with my son, he started with basketball, moved to football and then to baseball, where he found his groove and love of the game.

In closing, keep in mind that in order to have the best shot at enjoying any given sport, you have to be prepared with the right equipment and sporting apparel. You can check out our full line of athletic clothes for kids by clicking here.

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