Best Exercises For Kids: 15 Strength Training Exercises For Kids

If you’ve read our blog for long enough, you know one thing about us. We love getting kids of all ages active. That’s the reason we created our kids athletic wear line. As you well know, kids of all ages need physical activity to help them build strength, coordination and most of all, confidence. Getting kids started with fitness at an early age gives them the skills and discipline to carry good habits throughout their lives.

Kids should have many chances each day to participate in a variety of physical activities, sports and games that fit who they are, their age and overall interests. Spending time with each of your kids to decide on which activities they are most excited about is the first step to getting them physically fit. Just remember, most kids won’t hate exercising as long as they think it’s fun.

The National Association for Sports & Physical Education has shared these four guidelines on physical activity for school-aged children:

  • Children should accumulate at least 60 minutes, and up to several hours, of age-appropriate physical activity on all or most days of the week. This daily accumulation should include moderate and vigorous physical activity with the majority of the time being spent in an activity that is intermittent in nature.
  • Children should participate in several bouts of physical activity lasting 15 minutes or more each day.
  • Children should participate each day in a variety of age-appropriate physical activities designed to achieve optimal health, wellness, fitness, and performance benefits.
  • Extended periods (periods of two hours or more) of inactivity are discouraged for children, especially during the daytime hours.

At Home Fitness For Kids

When parents think about kids' fitness, the first thing they typically think of is organized sports. The Truth is, there are so many things that can be done in or around your home. Some of the easier ways to help your kids become more active include the following:

  • Schedule time for free play. Kids will burn more calories and have more fun when they are left to decide what they will do to get their exercise. Playing tag, riding bikes around the neighborhood, and shooting some hoops are fun and healthy activities.
  • Keep a number of games and sporting equipment around the house. An assortment of balls, jump ropes and other items can keep your kids busy for hours.
  • Get active together. Go for a family bike ride, jump on the trampoline or organize a small basketball, football, etc. game.
  • Limit screen time including watching TV, using electronic devices, being online, and playing video games.

Strength Training Exercises For Kids

If your kids are more interested in doing strength training exercises vs other types of activities, the options are a lot slimmer. Here are some of the top exercises for kids of all ages.

Push-Ups: One of the more common strength training exercises, hold yourself up horizontal to the ground. If you’re not strong enough to lower your body and push up, you can drop your knees to the floor to make it a little easier.

Sit-Ups: Laying on the ground, put your feet under a couch or chair and with your legs bent, lift your body up to the top of your knees.

Squats: Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees, and squat your butt back and down. If this is too easy, you can start to add some weight by holding 2-10 pound dumbbells.

Squat Jumps: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees, and squat your butt back and down, then jump straight up in the air, and land back down in the squat with knees bent.

Jumping Jacks: Stand with your legs together and your hands at your sides, bend your knees slightly and jump into the air. As you jump, spread your legs and stretch your arms out and over your head. Jump back to starting position.

Bench Step-Ups: Find a low bench or chair and step up with your right foot, then your left and back down. Switch your starting side with each set you do.t

Burpees: Stand with your legs slightly spread, squat down, place your hands on the ground, and jump your feet back into a plank position. Lower body to the floor for a push-up. Push back up to plank. Hop feet back in and stand up.

Calf Raises: Stand with your legs together or slightly spread and lift up onto your tiptoes and hold, then lower. If you need more weight hold 2-10 pound dumbbells.

Cartwheels: Start in a lunge position. Put your dominant leg in front and bend it slightly. Your back leg should be kept as straight with your arms straight above your head. Next, put your hands on the ground with your hands turned 90 degrees. Lastly, kick your feet over your head, one at a time. The foot that kicks first should be the first to land on the ground.

Crab Walks: Sit with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground; place palms on the ground behind you. Lift hips a few inches and walk forward on your hands and feet like a crab, then walk backward.

Inchworms: Bend forward at the hips and place hands on the ground with knees slightly bent. Next, walk them forward until you’re in a plank position. Lastly, walk feet in to meet your hands and stand back up.

Supermans: Lie facedown on your stomach, with your arms and legs extended. Slowly lift your arms and legs off the ground as high as you can. Hold for as long as you can, then lower.

Planks: Lie on the ground on your stomach, chest lifted off ground. Flex your feet (toes on the floor), engage legs, and lift body up, balancing on forearms and toes. Keep entire body strong and butt in line with shoulders and heels. Hold for as long as you can, then lower.

Side Planks: Lie on one side and prop yourself up on your forearm. Stack your feet and hips. Hold for as long as you can, then lower.

Side Leg Raises: Lie on one side, with your feet and hips stacked on top of each other; prop yourself up on your forearm. Align shoulder over elbow. Lift your top leg straight up, keeping foot parallel with the ground and flexing your toes; pause at the top, then lower.

This should be enough to get your kids excited about getting fit and actually getting them to act. What are your favorite ways to get your kids active? Please share with us in the comments below. 

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