20 Youth Sports To Get Your Kids Active This Fall

Being active is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. However, with phones, computers, video game consoles, and so much more, it becomes less and less likely that kids will actually want to go outside and do something.

Schools generally have plenty of sports and activities that kids can participate in. In addition to that, cities and towns may have their own recreational sporting leagues as well! If your kids don’t seem interested in typical sports, there are some out-of-the-box ideas out there, and some activities that you only need a couple of friends for.

With the fall season coming up, there are plenty of activities coming up, and it won’t be as hot during some of those brutal summer weeks (or months if you live in Florida!) Here is a list of 20 youth sports to get your kids active this fall. Some are common, some are unique, and some are extreme, but they all get your kids active!


Soccer is one of the most iconic fall sports in the world. There is a very high chance that your child’s school has a soccer team. Boy or girl, it is a very challenging yet rewarding sport that almost anyone can play. If your school does not offer a team, larger towns or cities might offer a local or recreational team. If all else fails, getting together a bunch of friends could be a good option as well! Maybe you can start the town’s team?


Even as one of the oldest sports in North America, the popularity of this sport grows year after year. It is very common to find your child’s school offering this for both boys and girls. Each player has a netted stick to catch a small rubber ball. The goal is to get that ball into the other team’s net to score! Physical contact varies, but it is safe for the little ones.


While football might be replacing baseball as America’s favorite pastime (my son would strongly disagree), baseball is one of the most recognizable sports. It’s very easy to find a school or local team offering fall baseball or softball. A quick Google search will easily show you the closest team perfect for your kids.


Tennis is not exclusive to fall by any means, but tennis courts are everywhere, and it is an inexpensive sport to get into. Unlike many of the sports on this list, you don’t need massive teams to be effective, and you don’t need to invest much money into gear.


While basic sounding upfront, jogging or running is a fantastic way to improve health and strength. Aside from shoes, there is no investment needed, and this can be done anywhere at any time. Fall is perfect for the cooler temperatures, and seeing the scenery as you jog down a trail is beautiful during fall.

Cross Country

If your child likes to run, cross country is perfect for the younger kids and older kids. This can be an individual or team sport. Unlike basic running or jogging, this is an actual sport with actual competition and points! Many kids find this rewarding when they start out young, and it stays with them through high school.


In the United States, football is the most iconic fall sport. There are plenty of options for young ones such as flag football. Almost every school has a team, or it should not be hard to find a local one. If your child is not interested in football directly, there are a few more sports directly related to it...

Marching band

Before anyone starts yelling at the author, YES competitive marching band is a sport. This goes hand in hand with football! While this is mainly for the older kids, there are some middle schools that offer an introductory marching band. If your school has a competitive band, you’ll start to realize just how intense their workouts can get! Even just marching in a parade requires a good physical and healthy lifestyle.

Color guard

Along with the marching band is the color guard. Spinning rifles, sabers, and flags are no easy task. It takes hand-eye coordination, upper body strength, and plenty of focus. While the band may be moving around at one speed on the field, the color guard may often find themselves sprinting! It can be quite intense.


We can’t talk about football without cheerleading. Perfect for kids of all ages, this is a great way to learn how to play as a team, learn how to smile to engage a crowd, learn how to project your voice, and it’s a great way to stay in shape. It’s not just about waving pom-poms and saying how great your school is!

Dance/Dance Team

While on the subject of school spirit, dance teams are a must. Beyond that, dance in general is a great way to be active, learn skills, and be fit! When a group is involved, it is a perfect way to also learn how to play as a team.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a classic sport that is enjoyed by kids of all ages. While it may have more investment upfront compared to others, it is a game recognized everywhere, and it’s very fun to play! This sport kicks off in the fall and extends into the winter. Ice is helpful, of course!

Field Hockey

If you don’t have ice, field hockey is one of the oldest sports in the world that is still played! The rules are very similar to that of ice hockey, but you're on the ground instead.


You can go almost anywhere and find a golf course. While enjoyed by people of all ages, getting your kids started at an early age can gain them a skill that he or she can have with them for the rest of their lives. While involvement with sports like soccer and football fade away with age due to physical conditions and lack of people playing, golf can be enjoyed by anyone. Get them started young!


Volleyball has become a very fond sport of our family over the last few years as my daughter has participated in competitive leagues. Volleyball is one of those sports that can be taken very seriously, or you can just have some fun with friends. Shorter/beginner nets can be purchased for your kids, and it’s a great way to get them active in a different way compared to most sports. 


When it gets cooler and leaves start to change, that is personally my favorite time to get out into nature. Even in some cities, you can find hiking trails perfect for the little ones. Don’t be afraid to make your own, but make sure you keep your kids close.


Hiking is fun, but when you make a weekend trip out of it, it can be even better. Camping is a great way to peel the kids away from screen time and have them appreciate the outdoors. Fall is once again a perfect time to do this! You don’t sweat as much, and the leaves are changing! There are plenty of sites available or just use your backyard. Be careful with the campfires!

Biking/Mountain Biking

Our family has taken up mountain biking this year and absolutely love it! While bikes can be expensive (like seriously expensive), and you’ll need to get bigger ones as they grow, it’s a great low impact activity that if done correctly and frequently enough will really get your kids into shape and get them out into mother nature!


I have to throw an oddball in. Chances are you’re reading this to try and get your kids away from video games. Airsoft and paintball are very physically demanding activities that get your kids doing something they might enjoy doing virtually. While it can be expensive, there are places that allow you to rent gear and equipment. If your kids are getting older, it might be something fun to look into!

Pumpkin Picking/Corn Mazes

Finally, something a tad more seasonal. With all the leaves changing and temperatures dropping, nothing seems more appropriate than some pumpkin picking and corn mazes. This is not a sport or something you do all the time, but it gets the kids out of the house, and it is something you can do with them. It’s inexpensive and makes for some good memories that you can recreate every year.

Kids need to be active! Sports and other activities this fall is a great way to do it. There are so many options available at their schools and towns. Even a small group with their friends on the weekends or after school can lead to creating a sports team that they can be a part of year after year! The most important part is to get them out there, see what they enjoy, and to be there for them. 

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